Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mano Erina - Next Myself PV

was about to turn in for the night, when I saw this

aw its Mano's last single!
I was quite surprised at first when I heard she was graduating, but I'm happy for her if that's what she wants. I'm thinking she wants to focus on acting? sounds good

anyways, I remember there was an ad for mano fans to participate in the video, which is a really nice idea I think.
at first I thought the people dressed in different clothes were, and I thought wow they're good!
but then I saw that her fans were all in red
I managed to spot 1 girl

she looks really pretty in her close up
and is it me, or is her hair just getting shorter and shorter, didn't realize it was that short
but it suits her
I remember thinking did they every do anything with her (old) hair? since it was a typical asian girl style it could get boring easily, and this one frames her face more

the song itself was ok, there were a few parts I liked, but there wasn't anything that really grabbed me
I'm thinking the lyrics are quite meaningful...or at least I hope so
I never really understood the title of this single, Next Myself...
first of all it doesn't sound right and secondly, so is she not doing anything for herself now? or is she saying she's going to be by herself from now on..? but she's a soloist, so she's on her own anyway

the pv is good for the average HP videos, but mano has had some awesome pv's before, sooo this wasn't her best. there was only two shots, one closeup and one in a car park I assume. I think they could have at least another shot, or make the car park more interesting.
I really liked the end though

wow this came out longer than I expected!
I shall give this a 7.5/10
the end bumped it up, plus it's her last single

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