Monday, 26 November 2012

Berryz Kobo - WANT!

ahh so excited for this video! it's been aaages since their last release!

I love the song!!
it's really catchy, when I first heard the radio rip, I already liked it.
I quite like how the camera spins around the different rooms, I wish we could see the rooms more clearly, cause they seem to correspond to the member, even though they switch rooms. I love how the rooms are decorated, I think my fave would be Yurina's, love the wall tree! I would like something like that one day.
a thing that I don't like, is how their dark costumes clash with the happy bright rooms, so if they had another lighter costume it'd be muuch better.

they all look really pretty, I love their hairstyles! though as I said before Risako's fringe is a bit too short for my liking. she seems to get a lot of lines in this! but overall the line distribution isn't bad, they all get lines and screen time. another thing which could be better was the ending of the song, I think they could have improved the last note to make it sound more like an ending.
but apart from that i'm really excited for their 30th single! congrats berryz!

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