Friday, 23 November 2012

C-ute - New PVs!

Yaay new pvs

I shall start with Airi's
Edo no Termai Uta II (2012 ver)
I first heard this as an audio, and tbh I didn't really like it
it sounds too rushed! and I don't know why they made it rocky....just seemed really random to me, it was like a traditional song before, and they totally changed it!
but it's nice to see a video, plus airi does sound really good, you can really hear her powerful vocals
also love her outfit. but wished they gave her another song

Kanashiku Heaven
love love love this song!! i normally dont take that much interest in c-ute's b sides, but this one is amaaazing
so happy when I heard it'll get a pv
took aages though
i like the setting and the green outfits (but airi's shorts were reaaally short!)
but I think it'd be better if they shot everything with new outfits and not use the concert one at all.
cause they kept switching between scenes and they're like totally different! ones rock and the one is pink and colourful. I think it'd be better to leave it as a concert vid with the cheers.
but i guess it's only a bside pv

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