Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Usaa's Video Corner! 57 ~You know Yuko?

I was just randomly surfing youtube when I came across this
and I wanted to post this here cause, for people who didn't follow H!P from the start (like me) I don't know as much about the older members. and Yuko is one I don't really know, apart from being from the 1st gen and Momusu's first leader

but seeing this, it was really touching, nearly made me tear up

I can see she's a very important figure in MM and H!P

she's the mum of H!P lol

Morning Musume - Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo

that name is a killer!

I like the beginning its cute and colourful
and thats probably it
I'm still not impressed with the pv
and I'm not fond of the costumes 1) it really doesn't suit the background 2) it suits some members more than others
and for the song, I feel like the chorus doesn't match...
they do look pretty, Reina esp
and apart from one moment in the middle, the dance is pretty boring to mee
my fave part was probs when Ai reaches for the star, and the beginning

sad since this Ai's last single, I'll miss her ><

Buono! - Rock n Buono 4 Performances

the dance is very unbuono
but nonetheless I can't wait to watch this in hq^^ 
out of the solos this was the only one I missed

Kia Ora Gracias Arigatou

My alright sky

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Buono - Rock'n Buono 4 Livestream

kyaa who else watched it?
when I tuned in I missed the beginning T^T
so that was Partenza and most of Frankincense gone ><
I was sad, cause they were two I really wanted to watch

1. Partenza Lets Go
2. Frankincense
3. Backetsu no Mizu
4. Kira Kira
5. Kia Ora Gracias Arigato
6. Blue Sky Blue
7. My alright sky
8. Kiss Kiss Kiss
(band intro)
9. Renai Rider
10. Muteki no ∞ Power
11. Nakimushi Shounen
12. 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
14. Ice Mermaid
15. Our Songs
16. Lady Panther
17. Janakya Mottainai!
18. My Boy
19. Natsu Dakara
20. Warp

anyways here's my revieww
It's my first time watching a livestream
and the layout is a bit different, the comment box was on the right of the video
which was quite distracting, cause it was automatically updating xP
and it also caused the video to lag a bit
but it was nice seeing buono! fans around the world giving their support
though there were some trollers which were annoying =.=
For Frankincense it was quite low quality, very pixellated sadly
but interestingly for all their solos, the other 2 members were also on stage doing backup
in Miya's song, they had the face mics, (lol sorry don't know what they're called)
cause the dance was quite involved, and sekushii too xD
I'm  not sure if Miya was lipsynching for this song, cause generally whenever I see H!P use the handsfree mics, they're lipsynching xD

I think my computer froze for Baketsu no Mizu
cause I don't recall this one at all xD;;
I caught the end of KiraKira 

Kia Oras Gracias Arigatou was nice, 
Miya and Airi did a cute back up dance
while Momo sang softly

It took me a while to realize it was Blue Sky Blue, for some reason I thought it was Goal xP
Momo was laughing at something at the beginning which I thought was cute
they sang this well^^

I think from when it was My Alright Sky, it was when I started properly watching
it was good quality then lol, maybe cause its a slow song
Airi sang this one really well~~
and Miya and Momo did some harmonies, they sang the chorus with her
it was really lovely

My favourite part of Kiss Kiss Kiss was towards the end
before the last chorus, where they 'fell asleep'
so cute love that part

ahh the band intro was amazingg
they all did little solos with Buono as the voiceovers
though I never knew why Junko left, does anyone know?

costume change~
they remind me of ballerina's from swan lake lol
White tutu like dresses with a white sleeveless jacket, very pretty
Muteki no Power was quite genki
and they sang in a more higher pitch xD I think
cause normally in the concert they were singing quite low
esp Airi and Miya lol
Nakimushi Shounen!
love this song, it was a good performance too
quite powerful

I really enjoyed 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou
and funnily enough thats my least listened to song from the Partenza album
they used mic stands, and sang this one really well
esp the beginning

Juicy He@rt was ok
Miya's voice cracked for like a second, bless her
I was excited for Ice Mermaid
cause it's one I haven't seen performed
lively intro~

For some reason I don't really remember the Our Songs performance well..
just that Airi was singing quite deep lol~
Nor Lady Panther...xD;
it was early in the morning for me
but I remembermy fave part; gao~gao~~

I felt Momo was maybe a bit tired for Janakya Mottainai
cause when I see her do it before her part before the chorus
was sooo good, really powerful
but it was quite weak compared to that =/
nethertheless it was a nice perf

but Momo definitely came back for MY BOY
love love love this performance!
sooo energetic
I haven't heard this song in agess!
and Miya has the same haircut, so it was quite nostalgic^^

they must have somehow muffled the audience I think
cause I really didn't hear them much in this concert
which is a good thing, there's nothing more annoying when you hear the fans more than the girls themselves

but I thought for encore they could have unmuffled them (if they did in the first place)
cause it's more fun if they're loud when they're supposed to be lol
for a while there was a pattern
the guy wotas go BUONO then the girl wotas say Buono
which reminded me, I didn't hear Miyabi's siren fan loool

Costume change~
so cuute, I loove their shirts
it's their member colour
with a cartoon picture of them as a playing card
seriously they have the best tshirts ever, what'd I do to get one of them......
matched with a multicolour stripe skirt
and the jean jacket from Natsu Dakara!
I was realllly excited for Natsu Dakara!
but then after I watched it, I thought, they realllly should have started the concert with this song =.=
the verses were still wonderful
but you could tell they were tired for the chorus
I think they did change the pitch, but pretty much all three of them struggled with those high notes
(and then stupid trollers were taking that moment to bash =.=, they reallly have nothing better to do huh)

Warp was nice!
they took their jackets off (they mean business lol)
then I realized that all their shirts were different
Airi's was off the shoulder
Miyabi had a cute collar
and took me a while to see Momo's, she had a black bow, like a bowtie
thenn Buono and Dolce bowed and thanked the fans
and then that's a wrap!

my favourite performances weree
My Alright Sky (Airi sang so well, and the harmonies~)
Nakimushi Shounen (always a good for lives)
1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou (they all sang really well and it was just a good perf
and probably my fave fave is
MY BOY (just so darn good!)

sadly there wasn't much special effects like confetti
or any pranks (lol)
Singing wise it was mostly good
though I think they were a bit tired
but Dancing wise was really good!
all such good dancers

I wonder if they will use this for the DVD
tbh I hope they use the Miya birthday one
I heard fans gave her presents, soo sweet
and there was a sea of red lights!

I'm sorry I wish I took screenshots to show minna
but I think it'd make the video lag
so I refrained
photos are from crunchyroll buono group!
can't waiiit for the DVD hope it's soooon

at the end I wrote two comments in that comment box
but honestly sooo many people were commenting they disappeared in the sea of words
otsukaresama Buono!

Buono! -Youtube Livestream

to watch it

Friday, 26 August 2011

Ousama Game CM.. that Risako at 0:03!? no it can't be.. would Tsunku even approve of that xD must be someone else
TEN points to those who can spot all of the H!P members who are in here!!


From the C-ute and S/mileage concert~

Ah I should really watch this concert actually hehe

OH WOW! The end just kills me hahahahahaha


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Morning Musume - PV Previews

Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo!/Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai 
that is ooone long single name
ok, lets call the the first one KonoChi and second one Kareto (lol sounds like Carrot)

tbh I'm not that impressed with them xD;
for Konochi, I'm not impressed with the PV mostly, and the song isn't really interesting to me
and for Kareto, I'm not impressed with Sayumi's singing, and she's a main singer here too..

The outfits and background reaaally don't match in Konochi
they're wearing like aladdin clothes, but that background is mario kart style!

and though I quite like the PV for Kareto, it's really cute (though sometimes I'm not sure about the yellow)
and the costumes and makeup are better than Konochi, the song isn't wowing me

well I guess these are just the previews
so I'll rate it again when the full ver come out
minna what do you think?

Buono! - Rock n Buono 4 Photos

Women in White

I edited some of the colours slightly, nothing major^^

Are you guys getting married!? Gosh!

Birthday! Miyabiii~m

Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozasimasuu
Happy 19th Birthday Miya!

Hope you have a wonderful day
must have been a busy one too with the Buono concerts going
I'll forever enjoy keeping up with you and your new hairstyles xD
it's never the same for loong

you're my idol^^
love your voice
please continue your hard work!
its much appreciated

hope you get lots of lovely presentss

19th Birthday shirt

following few are my edits
always love miyabi's photos^^

carebear craze!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ogawa Saki's.....graduation!?

Translated by Tokyo hive, source from Hello! Online:

Tsunku's comment.
“Thank you for always supporting Hello! Project and myself.

This is sudden, but I have an announcement for everyone.
Just the other day, I announced five new sub-members for S/mileage,
However, as of August 27th, Ogawa Saki will be graduating from both S/mileage and Hello! Project.

In the beginning of May this year, she informed me,
“I’ve been hesitant for some time, and I’ve discussed it with the staff a few times, but my feelings of wanting to return to a normal junior high student has strengthened, so please let me quit.”

Although she is the youngest of the group, I have relied on her singing skills.

However, right now is the time to be looking towards the future.
As a group, and as an individual member, we need to have a strong desire for improvement.
And as a producer, I decided that holding back a member who is hesitant, and continuing the group with her would not be good for both the member and the group. So I chose to accept Ogawa’s request.

When the group was first formed, I made a public announcement that the unit may increase or decrease in members.
Because there was this case, I hastily announced in June that we would be recruiting new members for S/mileage.
Please forgive me that I wasn’t able to report the details and intentions until now, as there were many terms and conditions concerning the group and the contract.

Again, Ogawa is still an inexperienced student and a minor.
For a working adult, it would be unacceptable to give up their job halfway.
But please take her straightforward feelings into careful consideration, and watch over her warmly.

With that, please continue your favors towards S/mileage.

Please excuse me for reporting through this letter on my own accord.“

Ogawa Saki's comment.
“Thank you for always supporting me.

I, Ogawa Saki will graduate from Hello! Project and S/mileage on August 27th.

After making our major debut last May, I have enjoyed every day as [a part of] S/mileage.
But somewhere in my heart, the real me and my S/mileage self become distant.
I discussed it with the staff a few times, but I was always troubled. I thought that it would be bad for S/mileage if I was hesitant while everyone else was working with all their might, so I decided to return to being a normal girl.

I’m sorry for the last minute announcement.
I do feel sad, but S/mileage’s trademark is to always smile!

I will do my best to finish with a smile until the end of the event on August 27th. The remaining time is short, but please support me!

After I graduate, I want to continue supporting S/mileage with its new members.

Thank you for all of your support until now.“


Is this serious!?? I was in complete awe with my mouth hanging for a good five minutes.
I'm not the biggest fan of S/mileage or even Saki for this matter but...I feel pretty sad!
I suppose if this is really what she wants then good luck to her and I wish her well.

...So I suppose Tsunku hasn't gone completely senile as I keep claiming haha..
In a way, you can see that maybe the current S/mileage members were always looking sad or reluctant about getting new members because they knew that Saki was going to leave and everything in S/mileage would change. 

This feels like a big blow to them for some reason but we have to look at the positive side to these new changes right?
Changes can be for improvement so please continue to support S/mileage everyone eh?


I heard this news this morning, when I was half awake
and as soon as I read it properly I was fully awake!
all I kept thinking was 

honestly if they didn't say, Saki wanted to quit herself
then I would fully believe it's Tsunku's doing

it sounds so strange!
is she even going to get a graduation?
why are they mentioning this 3 days before the graduation?
I think that's extremely unfair to fans, Uchouten Love was her last single!

I have to say I'm pretty sad with this news
I wasn't a total fan of her voice, but I could tell there was a lot of potential
and, it sounds like she's been training for more than half her life for this
and she just quits?!
and it wasn't like she got shoved to the back like Maiha
I don't understand her decision
tbh, I think she might regret it
but of course this is her decision and I respect it
and she did start extremely young

S/mileage is going through a looot of dramatic changes
I feel bad for the fans
as well as the other members, who are now like swamped with new members

I wonder if she'll come back later, in another agency
but if it really was for education then it seems unlikely
but as I said before
it's too late notice, can't believe S/mileage is already having a grad ><

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mezamashi Live Event

The S/mileage new members introduce themselves
kyaaa! CN Blue! xD I'm posting this for them actually<33

Sayahi Riho - Photobook Preview

I really like it, such a cute shot^^
though I think it'd have been even better if her bad was better xD
but trust me to notice these small things

Berryz Kobo - Shuukan Berryz Times Performances

Heroine ni Narou Ka

Munasawagi Scarlet (Miyabi + Risako)

Sakura wa Raku sa (Momoko + Chinami feat. Saki Dance)

Joshikai The Night

Very Beauty (Miyabi)

Love Captains dance

H!P - 24H Television

Some performances if you're interested

S/mileage + Kikkawa Yuu + Bump.y

Dream Morning Musume + Morning Musume

there are soo many people in S/mileage now ><

Monday, 22 August 2011

Hello!Project Winter 2011 Solo Stage















these were the ones I found^^
I haven't even watched them all

though from what I've seen I was impressed by Chinami, Sayumi and Masaa
they did better than I'd assume
Captains was very cute
and Risa's is very energetic and entertaining
I thought that Saki sounded like she was shouting most of the song xD;;
though of course my fave is Miyabis
makes me want to get up and sing lol

Buono! - CMs

xD lol so cute
I do want momo's hat

Usaa's Video Corner! 56 ~miyaness=randomness

so cuute <33
she looks so pretty here, love her hair

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Buono! Live stream~

Sorrrry I'm so inactive! I've been letting UsaTEN do all the work gomen! Please forgive me!

Anyway, a Buono! concert will be streamed live on the 28th of August at 14:00 JST... now I need to work out what time that is for us in the UK haha.

Also, I dunno if I'm just slow or something but Miyabi cut her hair again! Can I just say.. she really rocks the short hair better than anyone else I tell you~


omg yaayy!!
too bad it's like 5am for UK
but seeing as it's the holidays it doesn't matter
I'm gonna be up nice and early to watch it! eee so excited!
and if I can I'll do a live review too for those who missed it

miya's hair! honestly I was shocked, really didn't expect it! xD 
thought she wanted it long
it's even short than MY BOY
well I'm sure I'll grow to love it, and it's probably good for her to cut her hair since she always dyes it xD