Sunday, 14 August 2011

S/mileage - New sub members

There are now 5 new 'sub' members, and based on their performance, Tsunku will decide if they will become permanent

Nakanishi Kana
14 years old

Kosuga Fuyuka
13 years old

Takeuchi Akari
13 years old

Katsuta Rina
13 years old

Tamura Meimi
12 years old

ok well get ready...

first of all
I'm realllly not impressed with these members
and since it's unfair of me to judge so quickly
I'll rejudge again in their first MV

but first impression isn't great
though Takeuchi Akari is ok, but whhy did she cut her hair like that? why?

and I only really know Tamura Meimi
and I reallly don't like her singing voice, if she's gonna be the main singer
I will probably never listen to S/mileage's new songs xD;

they're so young!
but they don't look it either xD
and appearance wise Kosuga Fuyuka doesn't match S/mileage
who have the cutesy cutesy image

and sub members?
even though I'm not happy with these members
I still feel bad for them
they have to work really hard, but they're not counted as real members
this is just a tough trial run for them!
like wth, they're just toys for Tsunku to play with

and even though in H!P S/mileage is the group I'm least interested in
my heart goes out to the original members
The members themselves don't even like this idea
how do you think they can convince others, if they can't even convince themselves?

and 5 members?
does he want this group to be bigger than Morning Musume
if he honestly wants S/mileage to be the new flagship for H!P
then it seems like he's making a wrong decision
and even if he wants to change, it should be Berryz, they're the next one down

and now it looks like, he'll put less effort with the other groups
he already forgets about Berryz and C-ute
but now he won't even give them another glance I bet.
Tsunku is bad with group time management
or attention management rather lol
which is sad, cause they have soo much potential to be really popular
H!P is already losing to soo many idol groups

I think I covered all I wanted to moan about xD
sorry for this being so long
but overall the message is, I prefer 4nin S/mileage more

and what do you guys think of the new 'sub' members?

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