Friday, 26 August 2011

Ousama Game CM.. that Risako at 0:03!? no it can't be.. would Tsunku even approve of that xD must be someone else
TEN points to those who can spot all of the H!P members who are in here!!



  1. Sorry to break your heart, but it is Risako. I can't believe Tsunku approve of this. And will Risako took her only chance to kiss a guy without being kick out of H!P. Lol. I can't wait to watch this movie though even though I hate horror.

  2. UsaTEN
    waa honto ni? how can you be sure?
    I'm really doubtful that it's her, cause seriously her fans would probably get mad, tsunku won't want a bloodbath.
    plus Rii's at 0.09 with quite a different look
    and I hope it's not her lol

  3. I heard it was heer cause she plays that character, but can't be sure.