Monday, 8 August 2011

Buono! - Partenza Radio Rips

I wasn't sure what I thought of this when I first heard it
but I thiink it's slowly growing on me 
it's really heavily autotuned though xD;
but it's quite different
I like the let's go let's go part
and I'm very impressed with Airi's high notes

As soon as I heard a tiny rip of it, I looooved it! and I really could not stop listening to it~

I guess Miya does suit this song xD
this seem like it'd be an amazing live performance
so I can't waiit to watch it in a concert

Oh my gosh~ When I heard the concert rip a while ago, I could tell I would like this song and now that I can hear it properly with Miyabi... I love this too! So lively and catchy and I can really tell Miya will rock this at a live concert.

My alright sky
Wow english intro
airi's pronounciation is really good!
and I love her voice here, really mature
I always did think she sounds better in Buono xP
and I think this song is really well written
though...i'd still call this Airi's solo, I can hardly hear the other two at all

Eh I don't remember another song called "My Alright Sky" xD I must have forgotten..
and I wonder who said the intro bit.. but I really like this song too. Really nice and calm and RnB like eh! What is this.. this isn't Buono.. not even Hello! Project? But hey I love it.. I've said that too many times now I think haha.

This mini album isn't going to disappoint I can tell~

  Can't wait!!

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