Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Berryz Kobo - Aa Yoru ga Akeru PV

Official MV

Finally berryzchannel uploaded it^^
I really like the set, it's like a castle~
they don't really do much except look pretty, but at least the PV isn't just relying on special effects
the dance seems ok, but some moves seem strange..xD

Aa Berryz is growing up 



Ahh I like this PV even though it's simple as usual
but a very classy setting and I do love the dresses~
Except it recently occurred to me that...
they kinda look like they're wearing lingerie O_O and er

them all wearing it together in a house like that makes me think...
well moving on~ It's prettyyy
though I can't say the song really stays in my head still, mainly the background but not any of the singing.
But I have to say I love the "oo" parts from Miya!



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