Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Polls! Who do you want to grow their hair really long?


3) Takahashi Ai
  11 (18%)
4) Niigaki Risa
  9 (15%)
4) Mitsui Aika
  9 (15%)
6) Shimizu Saki
  5 (8%)
4) Tokunaga Chinami
  9 (15%)
2) Yajima Maimi
  15 (25%)
1) Hagiwara Mai
  23 (38%)
8) Wada Ayaka
  2 (3%)
4) Maeda Yuuka
  9 (15%)
5) Fukuda Kanon
  8 (13%)
7) Ogawa Saki
  3 (5%)

Wow I didn't know I could do that... lol

My, Mai in first place, Hagiwara! xD
I agree she should grow her hair long, I think it'll make her look younger
cause I always forget her age, she looks really mature xD

though I think if I had to just pick one person for this poll, I'd pick Maimi over Mai
Maimi's hair like defined her! She even said it was her charm point
it was so shiny and pretty ><
I was sad when she cut her hair, hope it grows out

Takahashi Ai~
hmm I think I prefer her with shorter hair actually
She looked uber cool in Cinderella Complex
but I think it's prettier when her hair is just past her shoulders
when she was younger long hair suited her more I think
and I dunno, to me it seems really long hair makes her appear shorter now xP
but she can pretty much pull off any hairstyle

4 way tie for fourth!
I agree Risa should grow her hair longer! 
like in shouganai yume oibito, soo pretty
short hair is ok..but longer suits her more I think
For Aika I dunno... I guess I'm just used to seeing her with her short hair
I didn't recognise her with extensions in Shouganai..
but she does look nice there, do I'd say go for it xD
But for Chinami I really love her short hair on her!
well this current hairstyle
not when she was younger
at first I was sad she cut her hair, she looks so pretty with it
but then this bob grew on me, it suits her a lot
aand Yuuka she looks older with short hair, so it's not a bad thing
at first I was all for her short hair, cause she didn't do much with her long hair anyway
but yeah her hair isn't too bad short, but I prefer longer a bit more

Hm I'm not sure I entirely like Kanon's hair now
it's ok..
but I loved her long hair
For me, she'd be higher up this list, when I see old pictures I always think
oh it's her long hair~

I'm not sure about this
yes she looked gorgeous in Heroine ni Narou ka
but her hair atm suits her a lot, it's not so short as before and she can do more stuff with it
but if she did grow her hair really long, I'd probably miss her short hair a bit
but I would still like her long hair, so I guess I don't mind

ok now last two
I dunno for Saki either
but I guess shorter hair really suits her
and Ayaka should definitely grow it long
I really hope she didn't cut it just to copy the others
but then again she might have done it cause she was made to
but when she ties her hair up in the ponytail she always as
she looks like she doesn't have any hair!
why does she always have that hairstyle?
grow your hair! xD
woow it's been awhile since I've had a long post
if you've read it all, and enjoyed it, honestly I would hug you xD
I guess when it comes to hair, I always have an opinion (or two)
but yeah sorry to those who wanted to vote for others
Momo was going to be in the poll, but I accidentally closed it without saving, and when I did it again I forgot ><
thoough, I think I like her hair as it is, for now anyways
maybe a biit longer, but not too long
and yes I would loove to see Miyabi with natural long hair too^^

ok next time it's a big one 
I thought, it's always more fun when there's more people to choose from xD
soo it's
Who do you think has the most impressive vocal range?
and I mean like a good wide range, can sing low and high really well,
this isn't who's your favourite singer by the way
so please don't automatically go for your faves^^
since I don't hear everyone from H!P a lot, I'm going to snoop around Youtube
listening to more different members voice
I invite you to do the same^^

thanks for those who voted <3
please vote again~
and for those who didn't vote now! xD

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  1. maimi for long hair! but any hair is great on her TBH ;P