Sunday, 21 August 2011

Buono! Live stream~

Sorrrry I'm so inactive! I've been letting UsaTEN do all the work gomen! Please forgive me!

Anyway, a Buono! concert will be streamed live on the 28th of August at 14:00 JST... now I need to work out what time that is for us in the UK haha.

Also, I dunno if I'm just slow or something but Miyabi cut her hair again! Can I just say.. she really rocks the short hair better than anyone else I tell you~


omg yaayy!!
too bad it's like 5am for UK
but seeing as it's the holidays it doesn't matter
I'm gonna be up nice and early to watch it! eee so excited!
and if I can I'll do a live review too for those who missed it

miya's hair! honestly I was shocked, really didn't expect it! xD 
thought she wanted it long
it's even short than MY BOY
well I'm sure I'll grow to love it, and it's probably good for her to cut her hair since she always dyes it xD

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