Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Polls! Which Song do you prefer?


Natsu Dakara! 40% (18)
Aam I can't choose, love them both! 33% (15)
Ice Mermaid 26% (12)
Total Votes 45

Oo a pretty close one!
and I have to agree with the order here
absolutely love Natsu Dakara, liked it as soon as I heard it, but then when the PV came out I was kinda doubtful  cause it seemed like Airi had more lines. but now I'm back to loving it, it's a really nice relaxing song for me.
and their voices are just amazing

when I first heard Ice Mermaid, I didn't really have an opinion, it didn't strike me as much as the a-side. but now it's really grown on me, loove the chorus, and there's a nice contrast between their voices, Airi - soft, Momo - strong, Miya - balances

thanks for voting everyone^^
I'm kinda sad that they don't promote their song, they need to spread it out! xD 
but they still got in top 10 on Oricon daily, which is alright, but I hope they can do better^^

Next poll is, Who do you want to grow their hair really long?
and I mean reallly long xD Nakki's level maybe? 
Please vote~ 


  1. I went with Mai on the current poll. I think she'd look really good with long hair. :)

  2. My choice is not on the list, Miyabi. But I voted Maimi.

  3. Usaa
    yeah Mai would look good^^
    ah Tae, sorry I debated whether or not to put Miyabi down, but I'm not 100% of her current length atm xD and the poll is mainly for people with short hair atm, or have never grown their hair