Friday, 19 August 2011

Polls! Who do you think has the most impressive Vocal Range?


2) Takahashi Ai
  28 (29%)
7) Niigaki Risa
  3 (3%)
Michishige Sayumi
  0 (0%)
Tanaka Reina
  0 (0%)
Mitsui Aika
  0 (0%)
Fukumura Mizuki
  0 (0%)
Ikuta Erina
  0 (0%)
Sayashi Riho
  0 (0%)
Suzuki Kanon
  0 (0%)
Shimizu Saki
  0 (0%)
3) Tsugunaga Momoko
  12 (12%)
Tokunaga Chinami
  0 (0%)
Sudou Masaa
  0 (0%)
4) Natsuyaki Miyabi
  6 (6%)
9) Kumai Yurina
  1 (1%)
5) Sugaya Risako
  5 (5%)
6) Yajima Maimi
  4 (4%)
Nakajima Saki
  0 (0%)
1) Suzuki Airi
  31 (32%)
8) Okai Chisato
  2 (2%)
8) Hagiwara Mai
  2 (2%)
Mano Erina
  0 (0%)
Wada Ayaka
  0 (0%)
Maeda Yuuka
  0 (0%)
9) Fukuda Kanon
  1 (1%)
Ogawa Saki
  0 (0%)
Totaly Votes: 95

phew it was a pretty close one ne! xD
I enjoyed watching this poll, with the very close competition between Ai and Airi
tbh I'm sad that Ai didn't win this poll
because even though I Airi does have one of the best vocal ranges in H!P I feel Ai can really securely hit those high and low notes
and now that Airi's voice is more mature, it's harder for her to hit the high notes, but don't get me wrong she can sing high well.
but I also think Ai can sing lower than Airi

Momo is 3rd~ and yes she really does have a steady voice, and not to mention can go incredibly high
definitely one of the best in H!P
Miya in 4th^^ Miya does have a good range, but I'd think it's probably more in the high region, as she can really hit the high notes~ 

In 5th it's Risako, well she can certainly sing low! xD but I wouldn't think she has the best range, because she can just about hit the high notes, it's esp shaky in lives xD; and I do wonder why Tsunku loves giving her the high notes, when obvs her voice is like alto. but she has improved her high notes at least
I have to say I'm surprised Maimi's in 6th, if it was me ranking them, Maimi would be a loot lower, her voice is verry low, I don't see her hitting high notes...

Risa is 7th, another low singer, though I'll always remember her high note in Mr Moonlight. her range is pretty good I guess, though I also think as her voice is more mature it's harder for her to hit the high notes. but she'd beat Maimi and maybe Risako for me

Joint 8th is Chisato and Mai xD I don't actually know about them...I dunno if its just cause they don't get much varying notes in their lines, but I don't think their range is that big

and tied in 9th is Yurina and Kanon
but for me Yurina is better than Kanon, and only recently do I see more of Yurina's range, her voice is probably more low than high normally, but then in Heroine ni Narou ka, she sings the last word Heroine~ really well
and Kanon's alright I guess, though I also don't hear much from her

I have to say I'm sad and surprised Captain didn't get any votes
hello, she has one of the largest vocal ranges imo! though her voice itself isn't one of the best she's really underrated here
normally she sings really low, but then if you listen to Koishiteru toki wa Itsumo and the last chorus of Ai no Dangan, you can hear her incredbily high voice

overall I'd say Ai wins for me, I can't actually rank the others specifically though xD

and to make this more interesting, I thought to include some videos
I couldn't find ones that show all their lovely ranges gomen ><



couldn't think of another recentish one xD;

from now on UsaTEN will have a specific type of poll~~
and this will include alll H!P members (except the new s/mileage members)
cause I think it's more fun with more options
and this way people don't have to be sad that they can't vote for someone who's missing xD

It will be like the H!P Concert polls
I know that I wish I can vote on those (if I could read it xD or go to a concert)
soo I thought I'd bring it heree
there'll be a wide range on questions
so please look forward to them
and also hopefully more people will vote as it's a wider question
and also if there's a question that you want to submit for the poll
then feel free to leave the question in a comment or on the shoutbox
and if I like the question I'll use it^^

thanks for voting everyone!
next time the question is
If you had to choose, who do you think is the most scariest H!P member?
xD vote away

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    I'm still learning about Morning Musume, so I don't know many of their songs, but when I watched that performance of Ai... my jaw dropped. Holy mackerel, she's GOOD! Maybe she should've won, but oh well, I'm still glad that Airi won, too, because she's my fav H!P member.

    As for Momo... I love her and all but... I'm actually surprised she got so high up there. To me her voice as always been pretty pitchy, and even though she can get very high and very low, I feel like the notes weren't steady enough and were slightly off. GOMENNASAI MOMOKO-CHAN! YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU!