Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Buono @ Paris

Usaa's Account!

On saturday we went to france via eurostar
getting excited~~
we arrived pretty late, and was met with freezing weather ><

on sunday morning we decided to walk around a bit
and let me tell you I'm jealous of their shops!
Buonoo<33 and berryz too^^
had a loot of H!P CDs, wish they did tshirts too xP
fairy tail~

now for the concert!
When Risu and I arrived there was a massive queue!
it stretched round the corner of the venue
we were like ahh crapp! we're short, we won't be able to see ><
we had to wait a while in the cold as the doors didn't open
so I said, let's strategize! so I said, we should skip merchandise and go straight for stage

then before 6 the queue started to move
and before we know it, we were getting closer!

this is Usagi's first concert! so I was kinda nervous, 
also didn't help that everything was in french xP
when we went in we kept going, omg where are we going? lol

then we saw a big cardboard box and they were giving out glowsticks for free!
we gladly took, it's a must for H!P concerts!

so as Risu said, we managed to bag a good place
and there was still 5 mins before 6, on the screen there was some UFA PV's
I remember when we were going in, it was S/mileage's Chotto Matte Kudasai
and I said to Risu, they're mocking us aren't they, since we had to wait, lool
but it was fun seeing people chanting and jumping up and down to the PVs

right after the DEEP MIND pv a video came on
and it showed when buono opened the letter saying they were going to france
it was a really cute video, it was mixed with buono's pvs, everyone was getting excited
and it said 'are you ready' in french
and by this time everyone was going crazyy

we cheered for a good few minutes going buono! buono! 
and then...they came on!
it was actually surreal!
I saw Airi and Momo first, momo more clearly, and it felt soo strange!
after spazzing over buono for so many years, I fiinally see them!
and Momo looked perfect! like a little doll
I just kept thinking. 'this isn't real'!

and then airi starts singing Hatsukoi Cider
and when she finished her verse everyone screamed 1! 2! 3! 4!
and thats when the party started!

it was sosososo much fun!
I couldn't stop thinking, they're soo pretty!
Momo as I said was a doll, Airi had a really cute smile all the time, and Miyabi was just adorable!!
they're dancing and singing was perfect!
it was just so brilliant to see them stand in front, we were only a few metres away!

it's true that buono are amazing in concerts! they realllly are!
and I got to see Miyabi's Miya beam in person! now I can die happy! lol

they did all their upbeat songs
and chanting I have to say is soo much fun!
it was so loud in there, so I'd try my best to shout their names after each line

they also did their old songs like kokoro no tamago and minna daisuki, which were really nostalgic
I remember loving minna daisuki cause the dance is soo cute!
and at the beginning, the music suddenly came on, so they were a bit startled which was soso cute

they saved rock no kamisama till last
and I thought, ok I'll cheer with all my might!
so I was actually jumping up and down for the last song lol
it realllly was so fun

it was amazing how they'd dance with so much energy non stop
they only had a little MC break, nothing else, I saw Momo swerving to get some water
then later Miyabi quickly had some and Airi followed

as I said Miyabi did her miya beam
other cute moments included them hugging each other happily at the end
and when they read out the french letter, they dropped the envelope and miya and momo did a mini dive for it going Aa~

I wanted to film a lot but the lighting was crazy so was not clear at all on the camera, and when I was filming Juicy Heart the memory was running low, so I had to quickly delete some old pics xP
also on my camera they look a lot more further away than they were
when in fact we saw them really clearly!

and I was surprised they didn't wear their hatsukoi outfits! since that was on their merchandise everywhere
but I'm glad they didn't, these one were soo cute
and I thought they tried to make it a bit French-y lol
they didn't really have a costume change, they just took off their transparent outer skirts

all in all it's a brilliant concert!
the venue was smaller than I imagined, but I quite liked it cause it was cosy
I'm so happy Risu and I finally got to go to their concert ^w^
next time we'll meet them >:D

so we quickly got into the merchandise after a staff had to kick us out (everyone wanted an encore so cheered to the veery end)
and nearly everything was sold out!
so we bought everything that wasn't, which was all their Paris goodies
which was good since those merch was more special I thought

these are all the glowstick wrappers!

inside the venue, ahead was the merchandise and stage

one last look before we left

when we got back we were still pumped up and decided to take a look at our stuff
our ticket^^

our big tshirts




I hope Buono gets more and more popular and one day come to england!
that was the next night ever! I will always remember it^^


  1. OMG y'all are too cute! So glad you had fun!

  2. what was the store you went to? they really have a lot!

  3. Usaa
    um sorry I don't know the name, but if you go to the Chinatown in France, it's inside a little shopping centre. there are at least 3 shops with H!P stuff^^