Monday, 27 February 2012

Review - Ai no Album 8 (Berryz Kobo)

Oh my, I didn't even know it was out! shows how much I know ><
listening and typing now

I do miss blogging, so I thought I could do a review

Seishun Gekijo
where is this song from? cause it says 'Berryz ver.' so must be another ver
I didn't expect it to be a slow song

it's quite good, I mainly hear risako though, and is it my imagination, a guy voice?

Atarashii Hibi
sung by Momo, Miya and Captain
It's ok, but Captain's voice reallly doesn't go, it's too low. so overall I didn't think much of it

Ren'ai Moyo
sung by Risako, Chii, Masaa and Yurina
I like this group song more than the previous, surprisingly, as I prefer momo and miya's voices

Because Happiness

I took a liking to this song, it's happy but quite soothing too, not too hyper
though the title of this song reminds me of Icchoume Rock from their previous album, it's the 'happiness'
but who did that strange high note at the end? risako? reminded me of a horses' neigh....

Shy Boy
I really like the title of this song, I don't know why, so I was looking forward to listening to it.

It's quite funky, a lot of vocalizer. I like how everyone sounds~ especially momoko

Yo no Naka no Barairo
Barairo..Biro, as in pen? lol
I heard a radio rip of this song, and I didn't get a great impression of it, so I only listened to the beginning. I thought it was too childish for them

but listening to the full song, it's not so bad, I like the title line 'yo no naka no barai iro~'
it's like a cute kiddy song

Mythology ~Ai no Album~
another title I really like
the beginning is more upbeat that the other songs I think
miya's 'forever' is subarashii, she should done 2 rather than risako I think

seriously why does tsunku give risako a lot of the high notes? risako has a lovely deep voice, so it's a bit stupid imo especially as there are others who can actually hit the notes, i.e. Miya, momo and captain

hmmm, well I wasn't expecting much from this album, didn't really like the covers too much either.
I had hoped for a miyabi solo (as I always do) lol
it's not bad, however I feel like all the songs only gave me a good or ok impression, nothing grabbed me
I think that the songs are mainly soft, which actually goes well with their choir clothes concept.

my favourites would be Mythology, Because Happiness and Shy Boy
overall for album 7/10

what are your thoughts?


  1. "Barairo..Biro, as in pen?"

    I don't know if you've ever seen Tokyo Mew Mew, but this reminded me of one episode where Ichigo is trying to speak English and she randomly says "THIS IS A PEN!"

    Hahaha, sorry, random memory. :P

  2. Oh hahahaha I read this post in the morning and I was so confused but I get it now! I only read Tokyo Mew Mew and never watched it but that really does sound familiar -Risu

  3. Seishun Gekijo is the theme song from the Berikyuu play Sengoku Jieitai. C-ute had a version on their new album, and Berryz has their version on this one. The original with both groups is on iTunes. Instead of just being sung by the different girls though, each version actually has different music too. I think the original is still my favorite though.