Saturday, 13 November 2010

Morning Musume - Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game PV

it's HQ~

I really do have this sort of preference with HQ videos, if it's all blurry and pixelated I get a bit annoyed xD I'm even willing to wait for the higher quality version even if it takes longer

I never really payed attention to this single, I listened to the preview, but I wouldn't have remembered it
but then I thought I might as well watch the PV
For the song itself, I definitely prefer this to their recent singles, more interesting
and it's been a while since they didn't have matching costumes, when they're all dressed up, I liked some of them, and some not as much, Linlin looked like a ballerina so pretty~ and Junjun looks nice with her hair down. Ai I thought looked nice with her hair down, when it was up, it was a bit plain I thought. and I like Risa's hair now where it's grown out a bit

but I thought it was strange with them standing in water, and everytime I see that I just sort of shiver, cause I picture the water cold, and I think aren't they cold? xD random I know

The pv itself was a bit random, I don't know the translation, so I don't know if the PV actually relates in some way...but otherwise it's just them looking pretty in different places xD
I like the shots the best when they're in the narrow space with the black cushioin walls.

I wooould have liked it if Junjun and Linlin got more lines, they at least deserve that in their last single
I can see that Eri got more lines, and I can picture Risa will be taking hers when Eri graduates, so I don't really see the problem of just giving JunLin more lines then splitting it up

one last thing, doesn't Reina have a lot of attention here? I don't mind that, but I was discussing this PV with a friend and she thought, if people didn't know who the leader was they'd probably think it was Reina cause she has this presence
what do you think, who would you assume the leader to be?

so overall I am looking forward to the release of this single
7.5/10 close to 8 though, very close

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