Monday, 22 November 2010

Airi in ACTion

Airi will star in a -wait for it- horror drama
well congrats Airii~~
I've not really seen Airi in action, so I don't know much about her acting skills
but I have faith that she'll do her best and, knowing her, she'll pull this off wonderfully
ah silly me I thought it was a film at first, but no it's a drama, which to me is even more interesting, cause it's not a one off, I wonder how long it'll be... she'll be even more busy! ganbatte~

the drama is called 'Keitai Kanojo' which is based on a popular mobile phone novel
Airi is playing a detective who is investigating the mystery behind a mobile phone dating simulation game 

she is acting with Seika Taketomi who is winner of Gravure Japan 2010 winner, her role is a girl who appears within the game, somehow killing the male players one by one 

The drama will air April 2011 (so it's quite a while yet)
thanks chobineko for information^^

hopefully this will be subbed fairly soon after it's released, cause I'd very much like to watch it
though I wonder how much I can take cause Usaa here is a scaredy-rabbit xD
Japanese people really love their horror ne, every H!P member (apart from Masaa) who's starred in a film, the genre is horror xD;
which reminds me Masaa's film shoule be out soon, I'm so excited! it's not a horror, a comedy even! I can safely watch this without having any nighmares xD

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