Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Polls! What should Tsunku and UFA do?

sorry this is loong overdue! >< I'll keep it short

Stop concentrating on S/mileage and concentrate on the older bands 63% (30)
Concentrate on finding new members for Morning Musume 21% (10)
Concentrate on Morning Musume with the 3nin graduation 6% (3)
Keep concentrating on S/mileage 6% (3)
Concentrate on a new band 2% (1)
Total Votes 47

Risu said she thought this poll sounded really angry xDD
and I just thought to say, I wasn't actually really pissed off or angry when I was making this poll xD
I would say I was annoyed, because I remember I made this just after Berryz PV came out, and I was verrry disappointed to the lack of effort into making it nice
but I wasn't angry I swear! xDD

Well I fully agree with the majority, it's fine to help coach they young and new band, but it felt like it's gone tooo long and they've been neglecting the older bands
recently Morning Musume is back on their priority list
I see soo many updates on the Eri especiallly
but it's sad because noow H!P kids seem to be the bottom of the list, give them a bit more~

and I also agree that they should concentrate on finding new members, that would be my second choice
Even though I'll be sad to see Eri, Junjun and Linlin go
I am verrry excited to see new members! they haven't had any for 2 years
and normally I prefer bands not to have new members
but it's gotten to the stage where I just feel Morning Musume needs something new!!
preferrably as amazing and interesting as the OGs
but shouldn't get hopes tooo high

those who chose concentrate on the 3nin graduating members got their wish
or at least Eri fans
they should have moore for Linlin and Junjun I feel
Eri gets like 2 new pbs!
I think Junjun should get a pb and Linlin should get a solo song on their new album
I will be very happy if that happens

I would be lying if I say I agree with the keep concentrating on S/mileage
but it's good to hear your opinions^^

I don't thiink they should find a new band yet, with the Momusu change in members
but once thats settled, then sure why not~
as long as they don't neglect H!P Kids! xDD

Sorry guys I tried to keep it short ><
Thannks for voting! I'm really touched, especially with the lack of updates we're really happy you still visit us here :DD
please keep on doing so, we have our hiatus sometimes but we'll always come back!
next poll
What's your favourite Japanese NAME in H!P
please note it's NAME and not member
I really love Japanese names, and I'm curious to see which will be everyone's favourite
this will only be for Romaji
please vote!


  1. Three names

    Miyabi ("elegance," "refinement," or "courtliness")
    can't fine a name to suit her more, and can't fine a name that suit the woman I love more..... ah kinda lame.

    Maimi (to dance beautifully, beautiful dancer)
    look when she dance

    Ai (love)
    I have a habit of call her Takahashi "lovely" Ai
    and to think her kohai all call her Ai-chan

  2. Usaa
    yeah, I really like how Japanese and Chinese names namely are combos and there's sooo much meaning behind them^^
    yes these 3 members especially all have names that really suit them~