Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Best of the Best

wow I swore I posted up this performance..? but I can't find it
anyhoo, I found a longer one
I really love these performances! they're pretty recent I'd say
and they totally rocked it, listening to that hatsukoi opening always makes me happy
I'm thankful for sashihara rino for inviting them! they deserve more recognition
if you haven't seen it already, definitely watch it!

I find if funny how Miyabi's also wearing pigtails!

Heavy Rotation
it's nice seeing all these different groups performing together
and woo miya at the front! repping H!P~
I think this perf tends to get taken down, so watch while you can

also I think this is the first time Miya and her cousin from AKB got to perform together, isn't that sweet

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