Friday, 26 October 2012


C-ute has re-recorded some of their songs :O
I was so so excited when I heard this, their line-up has changed a lot, so I was really interested to see what they will do, here are two of their new versions, and as always I recorded my reactions

Ookina Ai de Motenaishite
wth, was my reaction when the new tune played
and when they started singing
why why why why why? the auto tune sounds so out of place!
I know they're older with more mature voices so I guess it wouldn't be the same anyway, but this makes it worse
and I'm not a fan of the new tune they added's pretty random
and I don't hear airi at all, which is a surprise
but yeah..nothing beats the original

Masaara Blue Jeans
omg, its a different song! the beginning is so different lol
but this isn't as bad as the ookina ai new ver, it's alright actually
but I guess I still prefer the original, it sounds more genki, and I remember love watching this live cause I just love the energy! (the chorus dance is funny and awkward though)

and since i'm feeling nolstalgic
it seems in their recent performances they don't dance the beginning bit =(

p.s. Airi's new drama Piece is now airing, I'm considering watching this, cause it looks good. I can't quite understand the storyline, it seems a bit sad though. if anyone is watching this, please let me know how it is

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