Saturday, 25 December 2010

's a little late..for us anyway


From RisusaTEN!

Hope you've all had a wonderful time today and throughout the year too!

Christmas= 10/TEN yeah~

Oh and as a Christmas bonus, the title of Buono's new single is:
Zassou no utawhich translates to: "The song of weed"

WELL. Let's not translate it into English cause it really does sound like it came from a Rock Band.
Just kidding~
I really wonder how this is gonna turn out!?
I keep imagining those string instruments in my head that you hear in like Kabuki or just old Japanese songs (-Asian really)

Ahh can't wait still! -RisuTEN


  1. i guess Christmas is over for you now? xD HAPPY CHRISTMAS anyway you two :3 just a bit under two months to go!!

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Thank you for commenting as always ^__^!! and yup it's 12am now haha -Risu