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Polls! What is your favourite Japanese name in H!P

Sorry for my lateness >< but I know this was gonna be a long post, and it'll take time to write it (time is something I haven't go much of lately, gomen)

Airi 32% (30)
Chisato 14% (13)
Momoko 13% (12)
Miyabi 9% (9)
Ai 5% (5)
Reina/Maimi/Chinami 3% (3)
Eri/Sayumi/Saki/Risako 2% (2)
Risa/Aika/Linlin/Masaa/Mai/Erina 1% (1)
Junjun/Yurina/Ayaka/Yuuka/Kanon 0% (0)
Total Votes 92

This was pretty hard, with so many nice names, and often when you see the name, you'd think of the member ne
Airi clearly won here! it is a really cute name afterall, I always say it was Ai-rii~ and I remember from an interview Airi said her parents gave her that name hoping she'll be loved by everyone, something like that. and she is isn't she xD

Chisato juust beating Momoko here, for me I personally prefer Momoko over Chisato, for Chisato, I just say Chisaa (I'd say Chii, but that'll be mixing it up with Chinami)
I love how you can do a lot with the name Momoko, like her photobook names xD Momo no mi, Momo OK etc

Next Miyabi~ yaay Miyabi, I really like this name and this miight be cause I'm biased, but it is a lovely name, meaning Elegance and can shorten it to Miiyaa~ an overall cute name, and I come across less names ending with 'bi', so it's rarer, and I like rare names

Ai, simple name meaning love in case you don't know. It's a lovely word (same in chinese) but for me names like Ai and Mai are plainer, so I'd prefer Airi and Maimi, cause it's more interesting

I actually love these names Reina, Maimi and Chinami, in that order too xD Reina is extremely cute, I can't really explain it further though... 'Maimi' realllly suits Maimi, beautiful dance. descirbes her well I think.
Chinami's a cuute name, and especially with Chii I always think of it as a happy name xD

From the 2% names, I like Eri and Risako more, I've liked Eri from the manga School Rumble xD and I like the sound of Risako, and it has pear in it! xD
Saki is quite common in H!P, normally the names aren't that repetitive, but here there's 3! I think I prefer the switched round version Kisa better (furuba~) I hardly say Saki, unless for Ogawa, because I normally call them Captain and Nakki, cause I find that easier and cuter.. dunno why xD

long list now
oh yeah I meant to say, I know Linlin and Junjun aren't exactlyy proper Japanese names, but I can't not include them xD
anoo, out of Risa/Aika/Linlin/Masaa/Mai/Erina I don't have a favourite here, guess just doesn't appeal to me as much, but I always think of Riii~n Rii~n~ when I see Linlin xD

I quite like the name Yurina, and Kanon sounds cuute. Yuuka's actually quite common, Yuuki definitely is.

I told you it'll be long! xD and I'm not quite finished yet
here are my favourites
Miyabi, Reina, Airi, Yurina, Risako
out of them top favourite is probably Miyabi, again I dunno if it's cause I'm biased or not, but it is a nice name.

sadly though japanese names only sound good when Japanese people say it, or people putting on a Japanese accent. Because unless you know how to pronounce it, it'll confuse people. I've often thought of how my english friends and english people would say the names. They'd just say it wrong xD; often teachers who see pupils names for the first time get it completely wrong xD;
Airi would probably become Airy
Maimi would be Maim me (very bad! xD)
etc etc
if you feel up to it, show your friends these names and see how they pronouce it xD

but um thanks for reading if you have got this far, and thanks for voting<3
next poll is What type of song do you prefer? only two choices here unlike the long list last time xD
please vote^^


Ohhh I'm sorry I'm going to make this even longer! So I'll try to shorten it as much as I can

For me.. I wonder if I'm being biased too? but I have my reasons..

My favourite name out of the ones on this poll here is Airi!
This is just because although I'm mainly thinking of the Romaji, I just have this sort of attachment to names
that begin with A and I prefer Japanese names that aren't plainly 3 syllables too but kinda hidden. A-i-ri to Ai-ri~ Plus, it's such a cute name to say.. Airi~ Airi~n and I also have this thing with names ending with "ee" too. I've noticed this when I'm trying to find names and such... It just sounds way too cute and I can associate the "ri" with Risu too which makes me happy~

And so.. the other names I'm quite fond of: Chinami, Maimi, Miyabi, Aika, Reina

Chinami sounds pretty and cute too to me but also the abbreviation of "Chii~".. you just have to say that with a smile honestly! Though I think names beginning with Chi reminds me of some King of Fighers (?) character who was all ghost like-y or something but then again, her name might have been Chihiro or something.
I like Maimi too because I think the "mi" at the end of the Mai makes it sound really cute too.
I like Miyabi mostly because of it just being one kanji yet it means elegant~ which is really pretty actually!
Well this is based on names anyway but I like the name Aika cause it's kinda different and I've never heard of the name Aika before although now it reminds me of some song Ika Ika or something from Just Dance 2 and I kinda just associate the name Aika with a bad prescence.. (just kidding!)
I also like Reina but this is probably because of my love of Rena/Reina from Higurashi no naku koro ni.

Lastly... I love the name... Kumai! Kyah.
Ok it's not a first name but Kuma+i ahhh too cute.

Please vote on the next poll then~


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  1. I voted Miyabi here,, i´m thinking to give that name if some day i have a girl xD....ok, it´s not a normal name here xD