Sunday, 19 December 2010

Berryz Kobo - First concert in US!

OMG! Wah! Can't believe it! I'm really happy, cause this means they're promoting them more! and they can get more attention
I think they're performing an anime convention...Sakura Con

but it's in Seattle and it'll be in April 2011
Go Berryz!

More info here

however I heard that when Momusu went to America, they were treated quite badly, like the american bosses looked down on them..
well I certainly hope they don't do that to Berryz
but I'm sure they can hold their own anyways^^

Omg please take me to Seattle someone : ( Berryz!!
This is amazing news though! I'm so proud of Berryz! Making it to the states!!!
Who knows who might be next after Berryz too!?
Lucky American fans ^_^ you better go enjoy Berryz as much as you can~


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  1. JapanFiles has announced the USA CD release of Berryz Kobo's new album (same as Japan Regular Edition). The CD will include the complete Japanese booklet and first-press photo card. It will be available less than 4 weeks after the Japan release!

    Please help us support Berryz Kobo and Hello! Project in the USA!