Friday, 24 December 2010

Polls! What Type of Song do you Prefer?

sorry for lateness ><

Upbeat 80% (32)
Ballad 20% (8)
Total Votes 40

Well the upbeat have it! winning by miles
but really upbeat music is magical, just listening to the energetic beats can get you up and dancing xD
I know it does for me~ expecially upbeat ones are Berryz, Buono!, C-ute and S/mileage
I used to only listen to upbeat songs cause even though in ballads their voices sounds lovely I was kidna impatient xP
but noow, I think I listen to upbeat songs and ballads about the same. because in ballads they can really show off their voices, and maybe it's cause I'm older too, it's more soul..xD
I used to not listen to Goal at all, but nowadays I listen to it at night, particlarly if I can't sleep, yeah I basically use it as a lullaby xD
so I guess I appreciate ballads more

bit of a random poll xD but just wondered

now next poll is
Who is your favourite Morning Musume finalist?
I thought it is very appropriate~
It's gonna end on 2nd of Jan, about same time we know the results^^
I'm very interested in this one
please vote!
and thanks to those who voted last time too^^

Oo for me, this is very hard to decide
I've always liked ballads but I like upbeat songs too.
Really depends on your mood you know?
Except I'm usually always in the mood for ballads.
In my favourite ballads, Goal is definitely one of them. When I first heard it, I instantly liked it and then grew to love it. Then I couldn't listen to it anymore...but then I saw it in concert and I loved it once again~ It's the type of song that makes me want to work harder for my goals!!
Please vote for our next poll~ Thank you


  1. I hope Riho joins MM ^^
    her dancing is good and singing is great (I guess lol)
    but if she joins, I think she'll definitely be in my Top 10 XD

  2. i really like Riho
    so i hope she will get in MM
    if she join, she definitely in my top 5 <3

  3. Usaa
    yeah I hear lots of other people are backing her too^^
    I do hope she does too

  4. Im the 1st vote for Mogi xDD...she isn´t the best but she has something.....she needs self-confidence but i think she is a challenge for Tsunku-san