Friday, 16 September 2011

New Trailer: Ousama Game

Ahhh! A longer trailer!
Kumai looks so coooool~ and scary. 
Well all of them look pretty cool too~ Risako is definitely ahah. I'm guessing she's playing some sort of class president role? 

Definitely can't wait to watch this too! Hope someone subs~

What do you guys think of this upcoming movie?

And is that really Risako with that kiss scene?

Who's that dead on the floor?

If most of the characters are going to die...which H!P member is gonna fall first do you think?

Please comment~


  1. Hi.No it's not Risako.I think this is the girl next to Miya on the group photo.

  2. I want to see the translation of this alreay!!!Airi looks so creepy in this. I think Airi, Kumai, Momo, Risako are the last ones standing.

  3. ^
    Chisato is also one of the remaining ones!! xD