Saturday, 10 September 2011

Morning Musume - 10th Gen finalists!

1) Kudou Haruka (Age 11)
2) Iikubo Haruna (Age 16)
3) Tashima Meru (Age 11)
4) Miyagi Ayumi (Age 11)
5) Miwa Satsuki (Age 12)
6) Ishida Ayumi (Age 14)
7) Tanaka Fuuka (Age 12)
8) Satou Masaki (Age 12)
9) Oogami Hinako (Age 13)
10) Murakami Sara (Age 13)

oo interesting, they're so young though!
from the video, I like 1, 2 and 10!
1 is a H!P egg, I like her cause she sings well and looks cute^^
2's freezeframe made me laugh, her fringe annoys me, but I dunno I think she seems interesting
and I think 10 has the best voice, and for some reason she looks familiar...
soo there we go, I wonder how many 10th gen there will be...
I have a feeling that Tsunku will add more eggs like Miyamoto Karin (if he doesn't I will feel bad for her, cause she is good)
who catches your eyes? comment below onegaishimasuu

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