Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kikkawa Yuu - New movie 'Cheerfu11y'


Kikkawa Yuu
Hayami Akari (ex-Momoiro Clover)
Tamai Anna, Anzai Naomi, Sakuma Kaho, and Mori Shiori (Passpo☆ )
Furukawa Kontasu and Mori Saki (Up-Up Girls)  
Akiyama Yurika and Goto Yuki (THE Possible)
Niwa Mikiho (Canary Club)

The film is about 11 girls attending an all-girls high school, when one day they break an important bronze statue. In order to pay and repair it, they enter a cheerleading competition, in hopes of winning then using the prize money to cover the debt.

wow all starring idols!
it sounds really interesting
and for once it's not horror related!
I would love it even more if H!P kids were in it..
but still I'm really excited for this film, want to watch ><

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  1. =]] I'm honest afraid of their horror movie =.-
    the script get me more excited