Thursday, 29 September 2011

Morning Musume - 10th Gen Members Announced

didn't realize time flew by so quick!

here's the verdict
there will be 4 new members!

Left to Right
Kudou Haruka (11 year old)
Satou Masaki (12 years old)
Ishida Ayumi (14 years old)
Iikubo Haruna (16 years old)

omg can't believe Sara isn't in it?
is Tsunku saving her for something?
if not, he's stupid to let her go
she has so much potential!

but other than that I'm really happy Haruka and Haruna got though!
hope Haruka gets lots of lines
and Haruna to get to be the face or something (she's pretty ne)

Ayumi has got the idol skills
namely dancing methinks
but, I don't know much about Masaki...
(I think she was the one who didn't sing so well too..)

but yeah I'm really interested to see them in action^^

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