Wednesday, 28 September 2011

J-melo: Takahashi Ai goes to France and the UK!

WOW!! Have you guys seen this? 
This is pretty amazing! I'm pretty jealous. They're really lucky!
Where's my Airi~ =3= 
Congrats to these girls, they have felt so happy even if it was only for a short while : )

Doesn't it make you think, what would you do if this happened to you?

So here's a Risu question for the post! 
Which member would you want to visit you and how would you welcome them and what would you with your idol?

Leave a comment : D



  1. hm which member? Any would make me the happiest girl in the world. Of couse my favs of each group (Airi, Yurina, Aika and Yuuka) would make me jump higher than the ones who I like the least. But they are all my idols, so everyone would make me freak out.
    I think I would like them to sign me something, teach me some dancing, singing a song, take many photos and hug me! or just let them talk some storys and I'd do as if I understood them.

    I heard of Ai-chan's visit while I was in Italy, so I wish she would have seen her... but because she was in Europe, I somehow felt that she was close! (I'm wierd lol)

  2. Hahaha it's hard to choose right? Well I'd easily choose Airi but I'd love to see anyone really : D and I know how that feels too! Ai-chan was.. about an hour away from Risu and UsaTEN! -RisuTEN