Thursday, 15 September 2011

C-ute - New Single Video Message

aww these are really cute
I like how they answer a question related to their single
Maimi and Mai's hair has gotten long!
lol at Chisa for her Buono love <3

Yessss Chisa has so much Buono! love.. I bet she'd give anything to be in Buono! awww

hmm.. for the happiest girl in C-ute? This might be my order:

1. Airi
2. Maimi
3. Mai
4. Chisato
5. Nakkii

...well actually it's not like we really know when they're happy or not and I had to change my order a bit because I realised I was basing it on their attitudes and energy haha and I only put Nakkii last because she seems so cutely grumpy all the time <3


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