Friday, 2 September 2011

Mano Erina - Cast in new play Ikemen Desu ne!

From October 8th - 20th

Kitayama Hiromitsu as Katsuragi Ren
Uchi Hiroki
 (24) as “Fujishiro Shu

Miyata Toshiya (22) as Hongo YuukiTakahata Mitsuki (19) as Sakuraba Mio/Miko,
Mano Erina (20) as NANA.

wow first remake, now a stage play!
they really do love You're Beautiful

I'm watching the korean version now! (slow, I know xP)
It's a really good drama, great story, great music and great cast! I very much recommend it
not sure about the Japanese version, haven't watched it, debating on whether to also (I'm only watching it for Hikaru anyways xP)

but yeah, Mano will be playing the the mean girl (I actually call that character by another name, but thought it might be inappropriate here lol)
so that'll be interesting as Mano's such a nice person lol
I think she could do a good job though
so I would actually like to watch that

Man they're really milking this show with Kiss my ft people, two of them are the stars of the drama
and another three will be in the play

it's only of for a short time I see, wonder if they'll rotate cast later (with more kiss my ft people no doubt lol)

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