Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tsunku - Tsuntube first ep

skip to 21:00 for H!P if you don't want to watch it all
xD it's so random

I only watched it for the special guest (who was at end end =.=)
so I ended up watching the whole thing

who are those girls? so many, and the pigtailed one overdoes it a bit..
the first girl looks pretty, but her singing was .....
and the second girl xD I don't know what she was saying, but I understand the sign which said 'long...'
and some other girl made cutting motions which I found quite funny
then I think Tsunku said 'again!' as a joke 

and oo for the second group of girls
one girl said she went to a Hey! Say! JUMP concert (Usa is a fan =w=)
and Tsunku asked her who she liked I think, and she said 'Nakajima' 
and Tsunku went 'Nakki?' 
and the girl 'eh?' 
lool, then the other guy was like noo not Nakki
(she's referring to Yuto<3 good taste lol)

and the special guest<33
yurinnaa, and her fangirl, I found that bit really funny for some reason
and she was about to cry, (though I wonder if I'll ever be like that if I ever get to meet buono!..)
them dancing together was funny, yurina kept looking over xD

so yeah..
the video has more dislikes than likes! 
I feel sorry for Tsunku, but I also find it funny xP

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