Saturday, 10 September 2011

C-ute - Maimi and Nakki stars in new film 'Zomvideo'

Apparently it's a comedy =O
that's got my attention
though probably will have some aspects of horror, but I don't think it should be that scary
hope not anyways xD
aand C-ute's new single Sekai Ichi...etc
will be the ending theme lool
they're happy they are beating uo zombies?
strange strange

This film will be about zombies roaming around the office and the story’s protagonist, Aiko (Yajima), will stand up against zombies to escape.
Nakki's role is uncomfirmed
but wow they're getting lots of film roles lately nee
the film has already bee completed and it will be released in October
hope I can watch it on DVD or something^^


  1. how can i not comment on this post?! ShimaShima combo in a movie together is a dream come true! (^_^)~♥

    another kickass maimi role will mean awesomeness guaranteed and send zombie heads rolling! xD
    nakky looks a bit zombified in some of the pics though so could it be a match-up between maimi and nakky?! :o
    either way can't wait! >_<

  2. oh, and 9/10?! the only 9/10 is C-ute Day! :P
    this is a 11/10 post! >:(