Wednesday, 7 September 2011

H!P - 2012 Calendars!

ja jaan!

Morning Musume

Berryz Kobo


Mano Erina

aww they're all pretty^^
My fave is probably Berryz, it's colourful, you can see them clearly and the layout is fair
Chii and Miya are my fave pics~
C-ute and Mano's are also pretty, though Mano's cover reminds me of another of her's the hair xD

I actually like Momusu's the least,
I really don't like that Riho is at the front and Gaki is behind her
it's... not seniority!
though Riho does look cute here xD
but I do feel bad for Gaki, she's not even in the middle =.=

S/mileage is currently printing
I guess they can't do their usual hug pose

btw my internet on my computer is not working =.=
so I may be a lil slow

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