Monday, 12 September 2011

Polls! Who do you think is the Best Actress?


Surprisingly there isn't a big range of answers for this poll xD

ok, winner by is Airii
she's in a lot of films nee
but to be honest, I really disagree with this outcome
to me, she excels by far, strong points in singing and dancing and school
but I don't think acting is one
I mean she's good at imitations (love her Risu one) but imitating and acting are different
whilst she's probably better than a lot of people, I can't say she's the best

tied in second are Maimi and Ai
I haven't really seen Maimi act, only from long ago, but I did see the Ran rehearsal, and she did well there
but Ai for me is probably one of the best (if not the best), I watched her acting lessons in Hawaii, and she could produce real tears on the spot! and also watched the beginning of Cinderella, she's good in that too. though I'd prefer if she didn't always play the timid characters.

Just grabbing third is Nakki
I haven't seen  her acting either xP, but I hear from people she's good, and I can imagine it, hope she gets more roles

Next is Momo
I have seen her acting, in the film with all the H!P kids, where Momo was the main character
I was amazed! she was soo young and can act so well!
she is known as the best actress in H!P kids (along with Megumi)
so yeah she'd be the top of my list~

Mai in fifth
xD um I dunno much about Mai either, she seems alright

Then it's Risa/Chinami/Chisato/Mano
ok starting with Risa, I think she's a good actress and deserves to be higher up. she was really good as Prince Charming in Cinderella, and good in Fashionable too. for her she always plays the cool type ne.
um tbh I don't think Chii is that great at acting, but then again she's never had an actual role to judge from
Chisato seems ok, I remember seeing a clip from a C-ute film or something, she kept bursting out laughing though lol
lastly Mano, she's in a loot of films! she looks like she would be good, in like serious roles mainly, I watched this idol drama she was in, Mano spy? or something...I wasn't really impressed with that, but I thought that type of role won't show acting skills well, so I gave her the BOD

ok that concludess it
thank you for voting everyone^^
please vote again for the next poll
Who do you think will always win an argument?
I literally just thought that up on the spot lol xD

and I'm happy to say I'm quite early with this update xD

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  1. maimi and nakky are IMO easily the best actresses in H!P. no bias there... :whistle:

    but really, check out Black Angels for maimi acting a cool kickass character. oh and Ran for live action scenes. nakky does well in the plays and Nakkiko and Manager skits with maimi. momo and airi are pretty good too. i'm not sure about the non-kids though.