Sunday, 13 November 2011

Berryz Koubou in New Jersey!?

And yet again we have a H!P group move on to a foreign country! But this time, it's Berryz again! And they're going back to the states for the AnimeNEXT convention in New Jersey taking place from June 8th to June 10th in 2012. 

This exciting no? it's like H!P is trying to start expanding worldwide : O

When's it gonna be C-ute and S/mileage's turn? 



  1. OMG, I so have to try and go this time

  2. Yes you should! ^_^ I would love to go too if I lived anywhere near haha.. -Risu

  3. i dont think the guests for Japan Expo have been announced yet so they might go to france xD
    s/mileage come to the UK! xDD

  4. Bleh I want to see C-ute ^___^! But Buono! mostly teehee -Risu

  5. Awesome! If I have a better job by then I'll have to try to save up and go.

  6. Unfortunately, Berryz Koubou is now the only group that is mostly 18 or over (except Sugaya-chan), and is therefore the only group that can easily go overseas. Everyone is S/mileage is 17 or under, as is all but Maimi in C-ute. Even Mo'Musu is majority under 15 now. Bouno! However only has Airi still in school, so maybe we'll get to see more of them (I hope).