Monday, 2 January 2012

Niigaki's graduation!?

It has been reported that Niigaki Risa of Morning Musume will graduate after Morning Musume’s Spring Concert Tour 2012. 

Well I'll be... I didn't really think she'd last long as leader to be honest but I never thought it'd be this soon! Sayumi will be the new leader of Morning musume with Reina as sub leader and apparently Captain from Berryz will be the new Hello! Project leader... I never knew H!P had it's own official leader haha but I'm pretty proud of Captain to get this position but I thought it'd automatically go to Sayumi. 

I've never been much of a fan of Niigaki, not that I disliked her or anything because I did like her but she never stood out much to me apart from her smile. I think it'd be good for her to move on from H!P now that Ai has left too.

Do you guys think she should have stayed? Or was this inevitable?



  1. whattt this is too early!!! :( i guess if there's no takagaki there's no gaki D: she never got to lead an single but she has one hell of a voice....and she makes a great leader too....cause i can't imagine sayu as leader...

    i hope gaki gets a solo song too! cause pyoko is a horrible song as her last single :(

  2. Even though she hasn't been leader for very long, she HAS been in the group for a very long time. All the other 5th gen members have left, so I think it's ok for her to leave now. I just hope Reina isn't the next to graduate!