Friday, 30 December 2011

Polls! Which H!P Group song do you prefer?

All for One and One for All
  12 (34%)
Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku
  23 (65%)

Votes so far: 35 

 Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku it is
finally I can remember the name of this song

for me I prefer All for One and One for all
because first the PV is more interesting
I love how they start with 1st gen all the way to H!P Kids
and for each members solo shot they are all doing something different, unlike Busu ni Naranai where they just smile with teeth

and it's not so focused on a few members
more than 3 people got solo lines here
and well I just love old H!P more

maybe I would like Busu ni Naranai more if more people got solos
like Miyabi and Momo xP and Risa should have got one too I think
S/mileage and Mano got nothing as well
but if I had to choose like one voice from each group it'll go like....
Morning Musume - Reina
Berryz Kobo - Miyabi
C-ute - Airi
Mano Erina - Mano
S/mileage - Kanon
because I think they have the best voices in their respective groups
and just well more different shots would have mixed it up a bit, it was all the same really
and with all the group shots, you couldn't even see everyone

thanks for voting though~
next poll is
Who are you favourite new members?
you can choose more than one
and even know 9th gen aren't that new, I thought to add them
please vote^^

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