Friday, 9 December 2011

Usaa's Back!

I apologize for my long absence!
and thank you for this visiting this site^^ it means a lot to us

there are two main reasons why Usaa has disappeared
1) School Work (nuff z)
2) Lack of interesting news

as you know we are H!P Kids fans
and frankly there hasn't been much happening that we can see sadly
now and then I check for H!P news, but I don't really have much to say about them, so I don't.
or I'm lazy to create a post for a tiiny bit of news.

and I'm sorry to say, but my H!P interest is slipping
this fact makes me sad
for around 2 years I was an avid fan, learning their names quickly checking out old and new songs
but now I find the current H!P not as interesting
and they're getting younger xD;
also its heartbreaking that H!P (namely kids) doesn't get as much recognition
I find jpop dominated by AKB and the 48's..
and I have to say I'm loving Kpop

but with all that, Buono is still my number one group!
I think they'll always be a favourite of mine
so worry not!

aand I have not stopped my interest completely
but I just wanted to explain why I haven't been posting anything for a while.
but since I still love sharing opinions with everyone
and because H!P has been a big part of my music
I'm not giving up on them or this site!

so I think around once a week I'll be reviewing the news in the week instead
and make one big long post.

thank you again for still visiting <3333

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