Thursday, 22 December 2011


Ahhh it's out! Not too long after Hatsukoi Cider~

This is a nice change from Hatsukoi Cider yet at the same time it's pretty similiar too with just the girls singing at the front with the band in the back. I really like the lighting in this one though and the costumes are pretty H!P like but with a flavour of Buono! (Oh no I think I've been watching too much Pokemon Black and White haha..)

I really like this PV even though it's not really anything special from most of videos. I have to say, the girls look exceptionally pretty in this video. That white light that keeps shining kinda annoys me a little but at the same time it gives that emotion of finding that small light in a dark tunnel huh. I always imagine DEEP MIND to be a song about that. I guess I should really go look up the lyrics now ahah.

What do you guys think?

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