Friday, 16 December 2011

Usaa's Weekly Review 10-16 Dec'11

Starting with Buono!

Lots of images released
firstly, CD Covers

I prefer the regular here
like the brightness
I'm not a fan of the clothes I have to say, mainly the colour, which is sad cause normally Buono has really cool and unique clothes with their individual styles showing...what happened?
Regular 9/10
Limited 7.5/10


Miyabi why this hairstyle T^T, you look like a boy
but I really like the other two's hair

Just a short one
Mai, Nakki and Chisa are going to be in a new stage play with Mai as the star
doesn't she look cool
Play will begin in March

Berryz Kobo
oo I was excited when I heard this
new album! 
Ai no Uta 8
hmm, wonder if that's a hint of a single name?
coming in February

Dream Morning Musume
PV preview for their single Shining Butterfly
woow they look so pretty! Rika esp
I don't like the costumes they were for the dance though
and the dance itself doesn't seem great
but other than that looks like there's a story and good quality
wonder why Ai is there, since it just skipped to that scene it seems random to me
looking forward to this
Coming in February again, soo many things in feb!

Morning Musume
Easter is here!
no of course not
it's Momusu's new single costumes
well..who doesn't love chicks? xD

I find it hard to believe it's their next costumes...
cause this is just so ridiculous!
and I thought Buono's was bad...xD;

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