Friday, 9 December 2011

Usaa's Weekly Review 3-9 Dec'11

Mano Erina - Doki Doki Baby

haven't seen Mano's PV in a while
I really like the PV! I always love outdoor ones
or where theres more than just close up and dance shots
even though she was just window shopping, the scenes were really pretty

but what's with the red bow and blue dress? clash!
but I think she looks pretty here, and its nice that they did something else with the hair

I'm not a great fan of the song though
and she's in her twenties ne
I think its babyish giving her these cutesy songs...
I wish they could let her grow more, but I know her fans probably like these type of songs =.=
and I still think her voice needs a lot of improving, since she's a solo singer
if she was in a group it wouldn't matter as much.
7/10 for single
8.5/10 for PV

Kikkawa Yuu - Kon na wastashi de Yokattara
the expressions at the beginning are cute!
tbh I didn't get a great impression from her first single
but here, she shows off her voice a lot more
and the song is interesting
there's not much colour in the PV but I quite like her outfit
in one of the shots it looks like she's in the middle of loads of shower cubicles xD

I have to say it's very cutesy
but I quite like it
like Ayaka and Meimi's lines at the start, the 'koto yuu' bits are really cute
I like the tune at the beginning up to the 'yeahh~'

the PV has a story which is always nice, and it actually relates to the title
but I didn't think much of the dance, and it seems like their skirts got in the way of their actions too
I prefer this single to Tachiaagaru, but I still think this is a silly single name xD
why do they have to bring up miniskirts in everything? Is it not enough that they wear one all the time?
also I do think there should be more shots of Yuuka, as its her last single sadly.
there voices are still too cutesy for me, but apart from that the score is

I think there should be a rule that, for members last PV, they should get to be the center!
cause I understand why they might not get lots of lines cause when they leave other people have to cover it, but for the PV it won't matter if they get a bit more screentime. It'll make fans happier too.

Mobekimasu - Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku
there have been more versions of the pv released
but my fave ver is...

lots of awkward moments lol as they try to get screen time
love miya's wink
the dance shot is good too

Ok for some short news now!

the mother of h!p is getting married!
congrats Nakazawa Yuko!
wish you a happy marriage^^

Dream Morning Musume has a new single!!
called Shining Butterfly
out on february 15th
which reminds me of their gold, glittery and only costume 
I'm excited for this, love the old gen!

this isn't from this week but
omg buono double a side!
can't waiiiit


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