Wednesday, 21 December 2011


As Airi fans would know..this is her treasured mascot "Su-san" (Although I swear it was yellow rather than white lol) and some hard core Airi fan made a costume and is dancing to Massara Blue Jeans xD
I personally find this hilarious and I hope Airi sees this!



  1. The one dancing I believe is Chisato... or Airi. It was uploaded to their YouTube channel and I'm almost certain it's one of them. :)

  2. Oh really? I thought it was a fan because in the description it says something about being a big fan of Airi and dancing as being a hobby and with her permission, they were allowed to do this dance o3o lol could be Chisato though -Risu

  3. It wasn't uploaded to their Channel. Their channel favorited it, but it was uploaded by another account.

    I did consider it might just be some kind of viral marketing though, lol.