Friday, 16 December 2011

Hatsukoi Cider -Buono! PV

Yo yo yo! Sorry for another Buono! update...
But ahh! Watch the PV, watch the PV now!!!!
It's so good. It's so simple yet so amazing. At first when I saw the covers, I didn't like the pink outfits at all but it really suits the PV this time with the grey and white background. Well done producers. You did well. 

Anyway the song itself hasn't really stuck to my head yet but I can tell this is gonna be another song I really love too since I'm such a Buono! fanatic. The little cute things the girls did haha and the little signs they made reminded me of that Ting Tings music video... or Perfume since they do stuff like this a lot too.

It's a nice change to see something like this and it's quite sophisticated in my opinion but Buono! have always been in a different league to other H!P groups for me anyway =w=

So what's your guys opinion?


It shouldn't be out this early!
bad marketing strategy once again

but that aside
I love it!
It's a nice mellow song that couples well with DEEP MIND

and, omg there's more than just close ups!
it's so cuute! love the different shots and effects

the only problem is the costumes, wish they all had shorts on like Momo
and Miyabi's hair is all pulled back like a tomboy
love Airi's hair

the song is nice, really sweet and brilliant voices as usuall

and the great thing is that this will be the opening and ending song for Sayumi and Reina's drama
so will get looads of promotion!!!
and hopefully show others how amazing buono is and gain more fans^^

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