Thursday, 20 September 2012

H!P Best and Worst Selling singles

hey nice to meet you, I'm Usagi, we met a while back if you remember....
well! it was a stressful couple of months for RisUsagi whilst we were facing our school exams, hence the exponential decrease in posts...but we've never lost our Buono! love, not one bit!
but I find I do miss blogging. so hopefully I'll pick things up again, veerry slowly. 
but enough about Usagi!

The other day I read that C-ute's newest single has surpassed all others and has become their best selling single! this made me think, what about the other groups?

Morning Musume
Best Selling Single - Love Machine
after all these years!
thank goodness for the official channels where we can watch everything easily
I remember when I first got into H!P and was trying to find this mv, it was so hard!
but seeing this makes me think how much momusu has changed! 
my favourite part is the chorus and the nice body body part lol, but it's not my fave momusu single
total sales: 1 760 000
Usa's rating: 6/10

Worst Selling Single - Pyoko Pyoko Ultra
honestly I'm not surprised
as soon as I saw the costumes I had a bad feeling
and the song itself isn't great either
glad this wasn't Risa's graduation single
the costumes...they look like they have yellow lobster claws!
total sales: 34 050
Usa's rating: 3/10 

Berryz Koubou
Best Selling Single - Dschinghis Khan
this is such a hard name to spell!
at first I really didn't like this song
but then I grew to love it (as I did with many other crazy hp songs)
I think Berryz looks so nice here
do you notice the kids are doing wota dances?
total sales: 38 125
Usa's rating: 7.5/10

Worst Selling Single - Fighting Pose wa Date Janai
I didn't mind this single much, it's pretty catchy too
total sales: 10 326
Usa's rating: 6/10

Best Selling Single - Aitai Aitai Aitaina
I love this single! with the B sides as well
in fact I prefer Kanashiku Heaven...
I'm also surprised with the TWO B sides, we're getting spoilt
I'm glad this single did so well (I was not a fan of kimi wa jitensha)
however after watching the dance shot, I feel the dance could be better
total sales: 48 480 (and counting)
Usa's rating: 8.5/10

Worst Selling Single - Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onno no Ko
this single was alright for me, but I didn't like their tones of their dresses and rooms, I thought it kinda clashed
but as Risu described it as "it was practically momoiro sparking part 2" 
so timing I guess
total sales: 19 830
Usa's rating: 6.5/10

Mano Erina
Best Selling Single - Otomo no Inori
I've never really paid attention to Manoeri, but recently I'm liking her more
that being said her first few singles weren't interesting to me
but I kinda miss her playing piano, they should give her a really fast and impressive piece to show off her skills, she could just play her own instrumental!
total sales: 25 228
Usa's rating: 4/10

Worst Selling Single - My Days for You

I quite like the video, but then again I always like outside videos
the song is alright, but I feel it's better when you watch the video as well
total sales: 12 622

Best Selling Single - Please Miniskirt Postwoman!
when they added the new members, I felt like S/mileage changed completely
and even though I wasn't a big s/mileage fan, I thought the 4nin worked out pretty well
so I was iffy about the new lineup 
however I quite enjoyed this single, it's certainly my favorite with the new members
and this was yuuka's last single! (she was my fave s/mileage member)
sad she didn't get much lines here
but actually when I first heard the name I thought I wouldn't like it (they love to rub the miniskirt part in...)
total sales: 36 513
Usa's rating: 7/10
(7 for Yuuka)

Worst Selling Single - Koi ni Booing Buu!
once again...the costumes =.=
and the moral of the story is, don't dress up like farm animals
total sales: 20 954
Usa's rating: 3/10

Best Selling Single - Honto no Jibun
oh the memories!
love how Airi is dressed up like Amu!
total sales: 42 035
Usa's rating: 9/10

Worst Selling Single - Natsu Dakara

I really liked this song, their vocals are amazing!
this song deserves more love
plus the B side Ice Mermaid totally rocks!
total sales: 12 554

well there you have it
the comeback post
it's pretty long, I realized...
I doubt anyone would be reading this, but if there is, what do you think about these sales? do you agree with their best and worst sales?
also thanks soo much to the followers for still following, even though we've been a phantom blog 
p.s. sales figures are from j-ongaku and generasia
not totally accurate

EDIT: mano erina and buono's worst selling singles
thanks Shayna and ForeverLove for the tip


  1. Actually Mano's lowest selling single is My Days for You, and Buono!'s lowest selling single is Natsu Dakara!

    For some reason j-ongaku has really inaccurate sales numbers and I don't know why...

  2. Usa
    oh thanks! yeah I thought those singles shoulda sold more! do you have the sales figures by any chance?

  3. ^
    Mano Erina - singles sales figures:

    Otome no Inori total sales: 25,228
    Hajimete no Keiken total sales: 24,721
    Sekai wa Summer Party total sales: 18,647
    Kono Mune no Tokimeki wo total sales: 16,568
    Love&Peace=Paradise total sales: 15,278
    Haru no Arashi total sales: 15,392
    Onegai Dakara... total sales: 13,982
    Genkimono de Ikou! total sales: 15,774
    Seishun no Serenade total sales: 13,265
    My Days for you total sales: 12,622
    DokiDoki Baby / Tasogare Kousaten total sales: 14,305
    Song for the date total sales: 12,997

    Buono! - singles sales figures:

    Honto no Jibun total sales: 42,035
    Renai♥Rider total sales: 35,254
    Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! total sales: 36,675
    Gachinko de Ikou! total sales: 31,005
    Rottara Rottara total sales: 27,104
    co・no・mi・chi total sales: 22,735
    MY BOY total sales: 23,621
    Take It Easy! total sales: 18,170
    Bravo☆Bravo total sales: 20,380
    Our Songs total sales: 15,692
    Zassou no Uta total sales: 14,794
    Natsu Dakara total sales: 12,554
    Hatsukoi Cider/DEEP MIND total sales: 13,899

    I got these sales figures from Generasia... :D

  4. Usaa
    Oh thank you very much! I shall update it now^^

  5. Yeah, Generasia or Hello! Project Wiki (where I edit as WonderBuono!) should have accurate sales figures if you ever need them in the future. :)