Saturday, 26 April 2014

C-ute - Crazy Kanzen na Otona Live

So in a (somewhat) recent concert, more specifically C-ute no honne, C-ute did a special performance of their single Crazy Kanzen na Otona. Where Nakki and Mai tried their hand at pole dancing

fans would love that right? apparently not
comments include
'Is this a strip show or something?'
'Too indecent'
'It's nice they're trying something new, but I'm not digging the skimpy outfit and dance routine'

though there have been some praises, saying it's cool


when I first heard about it, I was interested as pole dancing is extremely tough, requires a lot of muscle and endurance. I've never tried it, but I've seen some youtubers talk about trying it (youtube obsessed usagi right here), and also it doesn't look easy.

after watching it, I think the actual pole dancing was fine, but I totally agree with the third comment about skimpy outfits, Airi, Maimi and Chisa are dressed as cops and the outfit is pretty skimpy :/
so that was a bit OTT

but I think a good job well done to Nakki and Mai, I was impressed by them. they must have trained hard (they said for a month), so I hope they're not sad about some people's reactions. it's just the costume designers who should probably tone it down. it's unfortunate pole dancing seems to have a negative connotation for most people, with their minds immediately flicking to strip clubs, but at the end of a day it's an art form. personally i think it's impressive how people have the stamina for it.

anyways here's the video if anyone wants to check it out
performance starts around 27:20

credit to majide and onehallyu

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