Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Wow it's been awhile! I don't know why but always come Easter I will wander back, maybe because once upon a time this blog started in Easter (and I always procrastinate when I'm supposed to revise)

Hope everyone's well, I doubt it anyone still visits, but if you do, thanks! haha

Unfortunately I don't really follow H!P anymore (as it seems unlikely that buono will ever have a comeback), it was H!P obsession then Kpop obsession and now Random american music
but whenever I see H!P's music videos I do check them out
unfortunately not a fan of Berryz latest ones, in a sense putting the english lyrics makes it worse, as now I focus on them, and they're pretty funny...

Anyways there are some posts which I always meant to post, and saved as draft before, so I thought to post them all now. 

Risu and I have been pretty busy with uni
but if you're interested in our random happenings just check out Risu's tumblr, she's been working hard on her art
and also Usa's instagram, I like travelling a lot and love taking pics^^


minna take it easy!
(we miss you buono!)

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