Saturday, 29 October 2011

BeSu - GameShow

uwa they all look so pretty without makeup
and I wonder what Ayaka said to stir up the other groups..xD;

but watching this made me very sad
stop bullying momoko!
I don't care if they mean it as a joke, it's going too far!!
she must get seriously hurt from all that, and its guys who are like beating her up! they should be ashamed of themselves!
I can understand how momoko can be a bit annoying sometimes, but as Risu said it's probably because the producers make her
and like it's bad enough they all say mean things to her, but now they're kicking her and dragging her!
and what makes me also sad is that berryz just laugh as well =.=, I love berryz, but I'd love you more if you'd help her up rather than point and laugh

so yeah..that's my little rant
everytime she got hit or something I winced for her ><


  1. The only one that really bothered me was when he kicked her. Seriously, that's gotta HURT!

  2. Ayaka called them grandma's/old lady's

  3. Usaa
    thanks kyuto_junjou~
    lol, no wonder they reacted like that, I'd be offended, it is a bit rude...