Monday, 24 October 2011

S/mileage - Maeda Yuuka is GRADUATING?!

Maeda Yuuka will graduate on 12/31 to focus on her university exams...

I' shocked!
first Saki now Yuuka..
who's next?!

and to focus on school?
no... I can't believe that!
what does she want to be? isn't it a singer
I mean if you want to be a doctor/engineer etc.
you need school
b-b-but..she's already a singer!
and as far as I know thats what she wanted
and she's giving this up for school?!
she trained for 7 years!

and I thought that graduation was mainly for older members..

I really can't accept this
there has to be some other reason why she's graduating honestly
I don't understand why she would choose school completely over S/mileage
cause it's not cause she gets no spotlight! she's centre in S/mileage mostly and even a lot in that H!P PV
and she was verry popular

so I've been thinking of some other reasons;

is it cause she misses Saki too much?
I hear they're close

is it cause she can't stand the new members?
lol jokes

or maybe the problem is tsunku...

anyhow, this is actually shocking
it's I've come out of my hibernation shocking

what do you think?

I only just saw this now and I'm just..competely shocked...
Maeda Yuuka!??? The main face of S/mileage?
The girl whose voice everyone wants to have??
She's leaving!?
I don't... I don't understand.
I'm completely shocked over this. It's almost as if H!P is going through an Apocolypse... she's worked so hard and now she's just going to leave it all behind. Well it could be that she's leaving at the highest point before S/mileage makes a lot of changes. The new members could be part of her reason for leaving is what I think? She looked the most unhappiest about the new members I remember from the videos of the announcements.

Oh Yuuka : ( You'll be missed!
I hope you really do focus on your school life then!
So my thought is that with all these changes to S/mileage, it's stressed her out so much that she wants to go back to school life right?

I wonder what she wants to do in University.
How will S/mileage go on from here losing one of their main singers?
Too many questions
Poor S/mileage once again : (

Good luck in studying for your exams Yuuka <3 and good luck S/mileage for losing another important member



  1. Surely, you'd think Tsunku would have asked the members if they'd give it all up for school at the beginning? How on Earth are you supposed to get a group rolling - if they just plan to leave? Strange times.

    RIP Hello!Project...

  2. I think she said she was able to balance school and Idol life for the earlier years but as school has gotten more difficult and s/mileage has gotten more popular, that balance is no longer there. At some point (near the end of their highschool year) a choice must be made whether to stay in the Idol business or go to school, however some people can still keep this balance(for example, Momoko) but it seems Yuuka cannot.

    I feel that her decision may have been influenced by her parents mostly, but I think with the addition of s/mileage members(I mean you can tell something was going on there ever since the announcement), and Saki leaving, really was all too much for her and its really just a shame.

  3. NOOOOOOO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOO!!! This is absolutely HORRIBLE! What is happening to S/mileage? :'( First Saki, then that poor sub-member that had to drop out, and now Yuuka? AAAAHHHH!!!!

    Ok, so my love for S/mileage has quickly gone downhill. I'm having trouble placing my faith in the new members. I just want our old S/mileage back. :'(

  4. This is shocking! What the heck is going on in h!p I mean another gradutation and s/ mileage again? I mean the group is barely getting popular and they worked so hard. I love the new memebers, but it' s too soon for s/ mileage to be ungoing so many gradutations!