Thursday, 13 October 2011

Busu ni naranai tetsugaku PV!

To follow Hello! Project- that's my testugaku!

Anyway I didn't mind this video so much, it was enjoyable to watch. I was actually completely surprised though. I was actually mistaken about Momoko getting solo lines and there were lots of camera shots of Risako and Miyabi too wow! Even Miyabi? I just found that surprising because it was even more than Airi and Maimi although they did appear a bit too of course. 

Reina has completely taken over Hello! Project too~ All hail Reina! I do love her ahh but of course there was still a fair amount of Niigaki and Sayumi and even a lot of Maeda too.

What did you guys think of it?



  1. Can I be honest? I really didn't like it (>//<)
    I thought it was mobekimasu, not the Airi, Risako, Reina, Maimi, Riho, (with the occasional Risa&Yuuka)show ya know? But then again thats to be expected isn't? *sigh*

  2. Ahhh of course you can disagree xD that is very true though you either sawlogs of your favourite idol or didn't see your idol at allll so it's hardly fair for some -risu