Thursday, 13 October 2011

News: An idol training cafe in Akihabara!

So I just found out today that Tsunku has opened an "idol training cafe" in Akihabara, reported to be 3 minutes from the AKB48 Theatre

"Tsunku will produce the "idols of the new generation" at the café. Joining him in the venture is Chiyomaru Shikura, the head of the studio 5pb. and the producer of such popular Akihabara- and otaku-themed game/anime titles as Steins;Gate. Shikura already opened a high-concept cafe called The Afilia Magic Senior High School with a similar premise of singing employees.

Under the premise of the project, the café employees will be females who aspire to be idols and singers, and the café will serve as their training ground. The customers will be the "producers" in a "new 'real idol-training simulation' experience that's not a game."

The official website of the cafe will open at the end of October."

(Source by Anime news network)

I don't know whether to consider this as genius or .....crazy... but like I always say: He's gone senile. Hah, very disrespectful but I like it like that.

This is pretty loopy but as I'm going to Japan next year and if we somehow manage to go Akihabara.....I'm definitely gonna drag my friends here! (...maybe)



  1. Since all the recent Hello Project auditions are over now, Tsunku's getting bored again :P

  2. He should concentrate on the current members more : D'' though I wonder how this will turn out like? -Risu